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    Free commercial-grade security for the home. Sophos Home (currently in beta) protects every Mac and PC in your home from malicious software, inappropriate websites and viruses. It uses the same award-winning technology that IT professionals trust to protect their business systems. Best of all, you can manage security settings for the whole family from any […]



 Scam_AlertMicrosoft is in the process of releasing their new Windows 10 Operating System. This is an upgrade that you do not pay for, promises to fix problems with earlier versions, and claims to be more secure. They plan to upgrade a billion personal computers, causing inevitable confusion among PC users. The bad guys are exploiting these confusions in several ways, mostly through massive phishing campaigns and with criminal call-center operations which claim to be Microsoft tech support and try to charge you for the upgrade using your credit card.

Some campaigns will try to worry the user that their PC has changed somehow, causing access issues. Other phishing emails will try to lure the user with links where they can get their new “no-charge” version of Windows 10, or have it attached in a zipped file, which makes it our “Scam Of The Week”, because the attachment is the CBT-Locker ransomware. Unfortunately there are no limits to criminal inventiveness.

Be very careful with any email claiming to be from Microsoft about “your Windows 10 Upgrade”. Make sure that any links in the email really go to Microsoft. Better yet, do not click on any link or open any attachment, but go to the Microsoft website for more information. The ONLY Notification that Microsoft will provide about Windows 10 will be directly through your Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer – they will never call or email anyone – ever! Here’s the link:

We DO NOT recommend that you install Windows 10

on any work or business related systems.

None of the major software manufacturers have yet to announce that their software is compatible with Windows 10. The same applies to other hardware items such as printers, cameras, digital x-ray equipment and just about any add-on device currently deployed in your office.

We will keep you informed as companies announce Windows 10 compatibility for their software and hardware devices.



We’re an IT company you can rely on and TRUST
with your most critical data & computer functions

With our ProWatch IT support and computer network services, we employ state-of-art technology designed to increase your company’s productivity and day to day operations, and help boost your profits as well.

ACTSmart, Inc. gets it, when it comes to IT support that fits your business

As your trusted partner for IT Consulting & Support, we can get you on the road to higher success.

With ACTSmart as your partner in technology, you will be able to:

  • Eliminate excessive downtime, with proactive IT support that catches and resolves issues before they become problems.
  • Let us deal with all your IT needs, so you can focus more energy on your business.
  • Save money on your IT, so you can actually increase your bottom line with reliable technology.

ACTSmart has the IT Support solution that can end the frustration over finding a reliable support provider. Our ProWatch IT support is developed to help your unique business succeed.


Computer Maintenance & Management


Complete Backup & Disaster Recovery


Email Security, Archiving & Encryption


Remote and/or Local Backup Solution


Business Class Anti-Virus Protection

Our Clients Say…

I am a general dentist and have been an ACTSmart customer for several years.  ACTSmart has consistently demonstrated expertise and fantastic customer service and are always quick to respond to my IT needs, no matter how large or small.  They have taken the time to learn and understand my unique systems and needs and efficiently navigate my practice management and dental radiograph software and hardware and protect my network from potential violation.

Additionally, they were able to recommend a trustworthy off-site back-up system that fits my needs to make sure that all of my files are safe and secure.  This was especially useful when a recent software upgrade mandated by a software company went horribly wrong and caused a loss of many of my patient records.  The staff at ACTSmart navigated this disaster wonderfully, working closely with the software companies on my behalf and providing them with the backed-up files for restoration to my system.

I sleep better at night knowing that ACTSmart has protected my practice and patients!


–Alison Freeman, DMD



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Everybody @ ActSmart is WONDERFUL! We are very relieved to have you on our team & know that we are in great hands. ~Leslie, Glivinski & Associates
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