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Intel Buys McAfee – Should You Care?

Intel’s deal for McAfee comes amid Symantec’s deal for PGP, IBM’s for BigFix, and Hewlett-Packard’s for Fortify.

Security analysts are still digesting the implications of Intel acquiring McAfee for $7.68 billion. The purchase plan comes four months after McAfee was forced to apologize for an antivirus update that shut down Windows XP computers around the world — including PCs at Intel. Continue reading

Is There A $35 Tablet PC In Your Students Future?

The Indian government recently unveiled a working prototype of a small tablet computer that it says will initially sell for $35. The same organization within the government, however, also announced a prototype $10 laptop last year amid initiatives to connect all of India’s college-age students to learning resources.

$10 netbooks aren’t in the hands of Bangalore’s next generation of IT workers yet, so is this the real deal? Continue reading

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