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Do You ooVoo?

Making a video call from the comfort of your home. office or Star Bucks, may soon be as common as sending a text message thanks to one tech company fast becoming a powerful rival to Skype.

Web-based video conferencing service ooVoo has just launched the smartphone applications for Android-based phones and Apple iPhone users will get theirs soon. With 18 million global users and growing, ooVoo looks to make video conferencing Continue reading

How To Avoid a Reply To All Crisis

Avoid a “Reply To All” Crisis with this free Outlook add-in.

Have you ever hit “Reply To All” when you meant to hit “Reply” and caused yourself a big problem as well as lots of anxiety? Most of us have, some more than once, as I can personally attest. Well, the folks at VBOffice have created a free add-in that will help you avoid an Outlook reply to all crisis by warning you when you click “Reply To All.” Continue reading

IBM’s Watson: Can a computer outsmart a Jeopardy! braniac?

Has Artificial Intelligence Finally Arrived?

Perhaps we’ll know the answer after this weeks man versus machine battle on Jeopardy. Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, another former Jeopardy champion, face Watson in a three-day competition that runs through Feb. 16, with a $1 million first-place prize on the line. The shows will be broadcast from IBM’s lab  Continue reading

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