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Facebook – The Perfect Gift


Looking for the perfect gift for your teen, tween or favorite techy guy? Maybe you’re stumped for that one-of-a-kind graduation present. How about one share of Facebook stock?


The typical way to buy stock in a publicly traded firm is to open a brokerage account and place an order. But for those who want to own just one ceremonial share of a company, there’s an easier, if sometimes pricier, way: You can buy through websites that specialize in “one share” transactions.


The operators of those sites say they expect Facebook to become one of their most popular stocks once it begins trading publicly. That’s currently on track to happen this Friday.


“It interests people who are not ordinarily interested in the stock market,” says Rick Roman, the founder of “We’ve been getting people asking about it for a year.”


Sites like and are careful not to market themselves as places for serious investors. Stocks are risky, and any gains on a single share are likely to be tiny. Instead, the sites cater to more casual fans of the companies’ brands. They also offer something traditional brokerages rarely do: paper stock certificates, suitable for framing and showing off.


Companies aren’t required to offer paper stock certificates, and a shrinking number of them do. Apple, for example, stopped issuing paper certificates in late 2010.


Both and plan to begin offering Facebook shares for sale as soon as the stock starts trading. Like other retail investors, they’ll be buying shares at whatever the market price is, which is likely to be much higher than the offering price.


Buying through a one-share site is generally more expensive for people than buying through a broker. Both and charge a $39 fee for their services, which include buying the share and procuring the paper stock certificate.


Take Disney as an example. It’s by far the most popular stock on both sites, thanks to its brand recognition and its colorful, cartoon-filled stock certificate. A single share of Disney cost $45.56 at market close on Friday. Buying one through currently costs $82, or $84.28 through


The stock customers receive is a fully legal share with all the attached rights. An investor can attend shareholder meetings, and if companies pay a dividend, they’ll get regular checks for the earnings (often just pennies) on their single share. They’ll also get a paper stock certificate, though that takes a few weeks to process and ship.


The cheapest option is to stick with a bare-bones cardboard frame for your certificate, but almost no one does. says that around three-quarters of its customers upgrade to a fancier package.


GiveAShare is introducing a new & improved, larger frame that shows off the certificate better, specifically for Facebook shares. Customers can customize it with messages like “MARK ZUCKERBERG WORKS FOR ME! OFFICIAL FACEBOOK SHAREHOLDER.”


Facebook’s stock certificates will actually be generated by its transfer agent, the company in charge of keeping track of shareholder records. Facebook’s transfer agent, Computershare, declined to say how long it will take to get Facebook’s stock certificates ready, but it typically takes three to seven weeks for a certificate to ship, plus an extra two or three weeks for newly public companies.


To appease eager new shareholders, is prepping a welcome kit for Facebook buyers. They will first send out a “realistic color copy” of Facebook’s stock certificate, based on the rendering the company included in its IPO documents. The color copy simply acts as a placeholder until they have a tangible item. The actual, legal stock certificate will arrive a few months later.


What happens if someone later wants to sell their single share?

Getting out is trickier than getting in. To sell your single certificate, customers would need to deposit their share with a stockbroker and work through them. They would also have to surrender their paper certificate.


“I have to admit that we have been getting more calls and e-mails about people wanting to sell the Apple stock that they bought from us a long time ago,” says Rick Roman. Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) shares that sold for $5 around 15 years ago are now worth $566.71 based on the stock’s closing price last Friday.


The interesting thing is that the certificate has collectible value, so it’s hard to give it up, People who are buying one share typically never sell it.


Make someone happy with a very unique gift – here are the web links:

Give A Share:

One Share:

Project Glass Unveiled


Google unveils Google Glass – augmented reality glasses.




 What is Google Glass?

Google’s Project Glass is Google’s attempt to make wearable computing mainstream, and it’s effectively a smart pair of glasses with an integrated heads-up display and a battery hidden inside the frame. Wearable computing is not a new idea, but Google’s enormous bank account and can-do attitude means that Project Glass could well be the first product to do significant numbers.


 How does Google Glass work?

First of all – let’s not confuse Google Glass and Google Goggles. Google Goggles is software, an app that can search the web based on photos and scans. Google Glass is hardware and according to well-informed Google blogger Seth Weintraub, Google’s Project Glass glasses will probably use a transparent LCD or AMOLED display to put information in front of your eyeballs. It’s location-aware thanks to a camera and GPS, and you can scroll and click on information by tilting your head, something that is apparently quite easy to master. Google Glasses will also use voice input and output.


 What are the Google Glass specifications?

The New York Times says that the glasses will run Android, will include a small screen in front of your eye and will have motion sensors, GPS and either 3G or 4G data connections. Weintraub says that the device is designed to be a stand-alone device rather than an Android phone peripheral: while Project Glass can connect to a smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.0, “it communicates directly with the cloud”. There is also a front-facing camera and a flash, although it’s not a multi-megapixel monster, and the most recent prototype’s screen isn’t transparent.


What will we be able to do with Google Glass?

According to Google’s own video, you’ll be a super-being with the ability to have tiny people talking to you in the corner of your eye, to find your way around using satellite navigation (sat-nav), to know when the subway’s closed, to take and share photographs and to learn how to play the ukelele in a day.


 Watch the Google Glass – One Day video


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