Another Possible Facebook Identity Theft Scam

Be careful posting about the 10 concerts you’ve attended. Before you join in with the social media crowd and let everyone know about the first concert you attended, you might want to think twice — hackers would love to have this information.

This past week, one of the most popular Facebook posts had people asking friends to figure out which of 10 concerts they didn’t really attend — and their answers have often been accompanied by a comment noting the first concert they ever attended. This is a common security question — along with the name of the street you grew up on or your first job — and it’s the sort of information that hackers can use to break into your online ID.

The best advice in this type of scenario is to ignore the game and not to answer those questions, just delete the concert posts or set them to private. Don’t make those kinds of answers about your life public. It’s just not worth it.

This particular Facebook game probably started as good-natured fun but as it grew in popularity, it signaled hackers that good, readily available online information was there for the plucking.

This type of exposure calls into question the still popular use of security questions, which are most often used by banks and other financial institutions to guarantee your identity.

A common bank security question asks your mother’s maiden name. As an alternative, use a password application to generate secure passwords comprised of numbers, letters and symbols that would make no sense to anyone, and store them within your chosen password manager. These types of passwords will never be guessed by anyone so it better protects your online identity.

Another Facebook user says he deals with security questions by answering them with lies. “First kiss: Farrah Fawcett”, “Favorite Color: polka dot”, Street You Grew Up On: banana”, “Mother’s maiden name: thermostat.”

The only challenge with this solution is remembering all your “little lies” if the time comes and you need to have your password sent to you.

Take our advice and just say no. Don’t get caught up in the ever changing Facebook game of the week.

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