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Is this site really necessary?

Well, it was bound to happen. Now there’s an online repository for all the email jokes “some” people are so fond of sharing.

You know who I mean – friends, family, co-workers – even people you’ve never met think nothing of adding you to their joke list.

Here’s one response to these types of forwards (yup – you guessed it – this graphic came from a forwarded email

So What’s This All About? states it’s a repository for all of the funny emails circulating the Internet.

What Is A Forward?
A FWD is one of those funny/gross/disgusting/interesting/amazing/heart-warming emails we all get in our inboxes (almost) every day. We call these emails “FWD’s” (pronounced as “forwards”) due to the long list of “FWD: FWD: FW: FWD:” which these emails always seem to have in their subject lines from continuously being forwarded on from person to person

Users of this website can rate the fwd’s out of 5 stars. The site records this information to create a list of the best fwd’s circulating around the internet.

You don’t need to have an account in order to use this website, however, members do get access to some extra features. Thanks but I think I’ll pass…

For those of you who would like to review the site and see what it offers and how it works go to:

Now for the rest of us, if anyone out there knows of a site to counteract this sites purpose, please let me know. I’d love to find a way to get my email address removed from junk email lists – perhaps something similar to the governments Do Not Call List would be appropriate.

Now that’s a service that would probably be a real money maker!

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