auctionPAL: Selling Your Stuff Online Just Got A Little Easier.

October 30, 2007

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If you’ve ever tried to sell anything on Ebay or any other auction site, you’ve probably found that its simple to sign up but that’s where the “easy” stuff ends.

You have to take and upload good photos, write compelling descriptions, choose the correct bidding information, figure out the shipping costs and then if you item is bid on and won, you need to collect payment, package the item and ship it by whatever means to the winning bidder. Whew… that’s a lot of work.

Did You Know?
Waltham,MA. based auctionPAL, reports that 54% of all items listed on eBay never receive a single bid?

Now, how about a service that does all that and more, saving you from all the work? auctionPAL just might be the answer to your auction nightmares. They even have a price calculator – just type in the item you want to sell on auction and auctionPAL will calculate what you can expect to get for it.

So, How Does auctionPAL Work?
Here’s what you do to get started:

1: auctionPAL registers you
2: Helps you figure out what to sell
3: Takes the photos (you can upload or they’ll send an agent to you)
4: Ask’s you some questions

After these 4 steps are completed, auctionPAL takes it from here:

  • An auctionexpert is assigned to your item
  • Writes a description
  • Creates a selling strategy
  • Posts your item(s) online (they use Ebay and are expanding into other venues)
  • They manage the auction
  • A winning bid is placed
  • Buyer proceeds through the auctionPAL checkout
  • The money is placed in an account until buyer received your item
  • A box and packing materials are sent right to your house
  • You package the item up and call the 800 number provided
  • DHL swings by to collect the package from your doorstep
  • The buyer confirms receipt of the item
  • You get the check

So what’s the catch? There really isn’t a catch but for all this personalized service you should expect to pay the piper, so to speak. auctionPAL offers 3 levels of service and shown below is an excerpt from their pricing page:

Q: How does auctionPAL get paid?
A: It’s easy: We do the work and you get the cash! auctionPALcharges a commission based on the level of service we provide: Easy, Easier or Easiest.

Q: What are the commission rates?
A: auctionPAL commission rates are competitive with other selling services. Our commission fees range from our special introductory rate of 20% for self-service (Easy!) to 35% for agent visits to your home or workplace (Easiest!).

Q: How do I pay auctionPAL?
A: There are no upfront fees to use auctionPAL services! Our commission, which includes all selling fees, is deducted from the final selling price of the auction item. The balance is then promptly sent to you.

Is this a good deal?
If you really don’t know or care to learn anything about auctioning on your own, auctionPAL could be a valuable resource. You can opt for the lowest commission percentage and go self service or pay the full commission and let them do all the work.

auctionPAL also has a program that might be of interest to business owners wanting to give auctioning a try without investing a lot of time, effort and money upfront.

Check them out at:

Here’s a link to their webmercial

auctionPAL FAQ’s

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