Best places to sell your old phones and electronic gadgets.

Your unwanted phones, tablets, video games and computers could be worth hundreds, but check around before you sell

Could that pile of old electronics gadgets cluttering up your office, attic, garage or basement actually be worth some money?

There are lots of companies offering to buy your old stuff; the best choice for you will depend on what you’re selling, its condition, and a few other factors. Prices can vary quite a bit and they can also change over time. There may also be certain “fine print” provisions with some of these vendors so read the terms very carefully. Here are a few of today’s options.

Amazon: Best for random gadgets Amazon lets you trade in a wide variety of electronics, including items you won’t find on many other trade-in sites, such as external hard drives, routers, and speakers. You can also sell a laptop, though if it’s older, you won’t get a big check.

Payment: An Amazon gift card is deposited to your account after the item is accepted, usually within two days of approval.

Glyde: Best for offering highest prices Glyde charges fees, but its quotes still often came out on top.

Gotcha: It takes a 12 percent fee on the first $100 and 8 percent on the rest. And you may pay shipping charges of $1 to $6.

Payment: You can choose to be paid with Bitcoins, a new digital currency. But to be safe, you might want to stick to traditional money. You can even opt for a good old-fashioned paper check (for an extra $2 fee) or direct deposit  into your bank account.

NextWorth: Best for easy drop-off You can send products to NextWorth or drop them off at some local stores including Target.

Gotcha: If you get an online quote and NextWorth decides your item is worth less once it actually sees it, you have only two days to change your mind. (Other services give you more time.)

Payment: Store credit for drop-offs, or check or PayPal.

BuyBackWorld: As Seen On….. BuyBackWorld: will buy back just about anything… They offer instant quotes and multiple payment methods as well as free shipping.

Their process is free and quick and they give you up to 30 days to send in your items. If after getting your instant quote and sending in your stuff you don’t like the price they offer you upon receipt and inspection, they’ll even pay the return shipping.

Payment: Options include payment by check or Pay Pal – whichever you prefer.

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