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12 Benefits of Having a Website

Some of the goals that can be achieved with your website include:

1. Far Cheaper and More Flexible Than Print Advertising:
Print advertising is valuable and becomes even more valuable when you add your website.  An 8 1/2″ x 11″ flyer can become everything you want customers to know about you when they go to your website.

2. Market Expansion:
Customers can potentially come from all over the world.

3. Another Revenue Source:
Sell to a whole new client base.

4. 24/7/365:
Send customers and clients to your website for information any time, day or night!

5. Offer Convenience:
Make it easy to find information on your site.  A potential customer can access your information from the comfort and privacy of thier home.

6. Add Value and Satisfaction:
Your website can add value by offering tips, answers to frequently asked questions, advice and general interest content.  This will prompt them to see you as an expert and recommend you to thier family and friends.

7. Systemize Sales:
Get all the information that you need to make a sale by having the customer fill out a form requiring all the necessary information.

8. Improve credibility:
Stress the benefits of buying your products or using your services and provide testimonials by satisfied customers.

9. Promote your Brick and Mortar Presence:
Directions, hours of operation and products carried are pieces of information that customers want to find out quickly.

10. Growth Opportunity:
Many companies use thier website to attract investors.

11. Customer Feedback:
Customers can quickly and easily give feedback on your product and/or marketing.

12. Excellent Market Research Source:
Use direct mail marketing to direct potential customers to a specific web page to test a marketing idea.  If it performs well, use it for all your clients.  If not, you have the opportunity to adjust the piece or go in another direction without spending your whole marketing budget.

Good-Bye Urchin, Hello Google!

Many of our websites utilized Urchin statistical report that were available with our previous hosting company.  Since the move this Spring to new hosts, we are in the process of adding stats and mail icons to the bottom of all our websites for the convenience of our web clients.

When accessed, the icon brings you to your webmail log in and to the free Webalizer stats reports that are available with the new hosting services.

We’ve found that the Webalizer statistical reports are basic and lack the robust functionality that Urchin had.  But we have good news!  Urchin was acquired by Google in 2005 and they are offering it as a free service.

With this report, you can get summaries of traffic, everything you want to know about how visitors found you and how they interact with your site.

Other good news;  Google Analytics tracks all of your online campaigns from emails to keywords, regardless of the seach engine or referral source.

To take advantage of Google Analytics, visit
(You can also click the link on our website)

You’ll need to set up a Google account (it’s free) and then send us the code that you generate.  Or, send us your account’s username and password and we’ll do all the configuration and setup for $45.  We’ll install the code on all your website’s main pages so you can get a comprehensive look at your sites performance.

Email us at WebDesign@GoAmerican.com for more information today.

10 Essentials for Your Next Web Redesign

If your website is 4, 5 or more years old, you’re probably due for a re-design.  Here are 10 practical tips to help you get started.  Give us a call and ask about our website re-design special.

1. A Look and feel that reflects your Business
Your website is increasingly the first impression that your company makes.  Do customers know that they found the right site? Make it an extension of your office, shop or restaurant.
2. Clear Navigation
Make sure your site skillfully shows visitors where they are, where they can go and how to get there.
3. Visual Hierarchy
Balance key elements including font size, style and page layout to drive visitors directly to what they are looking for.
4. Concise, Easy To Scan Text
Break down information into bite-size chunks.  Summarize paragraph content in the first sentence and use subheadings and bullet points when possible.  People scan text to find the information they want to read.
5. Your Message-What makes you different!
Your site is a 24 hour stand-in for your sales team, customer service staff and PR department.  So sell your uniqueness!  Focus on your customer’s needs, not yours.
6. Search Engine Visibility
Use your key words in headers, page titles and page address.
7. Consistent Design
To aid in easy navigation, a well designed website needs to have a similar layout, style and navigation elements throughout.
8. Additonal Domain Names
Domain names where the words are seperated by dashes (American-Computer-Technologies.com) may also help you to be found in the search engines.  No need for an additional site-we just point the new domain to the current site.
9. Communication and Data Collection
Add forms to your contact pages to gather information for marketing to your visitor at a later time-with their permission, of course)  Your visitors’ email addresses are like gold!
10. Fresh, Relevant Content
Search engines and visitors both like freshly updated sites and will come back more often when the content in changed on a regular basis.

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