Control Your PC With Simple Hand Gestures

With the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) all wrapped up for another year its time at look at another industry technology showcase – South By South West Interactive (SXSW for short) for future technologies.

One company that has caught my eye is offering a product that just might change the way you and I interact with our computers. Reminiscent of technology shown in the movie, The Minority Report, which allowed actors to control their computer with simple hand motions, LEAP MOTION, Inc. has developed a gadget that will allow you to do that yourself.

The possibilities are endless really. Art, Healthcare, Engineering, Gaming – pretty much any application can work with the technology and LEAP is shipping over 10,000 controllers to developers across the globe so they can develop apps for the LEAP apps store

You might expect this level of technology to set you back a pretty penny. You can pre-order your LEAP MOTION controller for only $69.99 – priced at less than a decent wireless keyboard and mouse combination. Just plug it into an open USB port, install the software, do a quick wave to calibrate and off you go.

Raise your hands and wave hello to the future. The controller senses your individual hand and finger movements so you can interact directly with your computer. The device gives you 8 cubic feet of intuitive, 3D interaction space. Tom Cruise has nothing on you! LEAP works with MAC’s and PC’s

According to LEAP they will be filling pre-orders of over 140,000 units. Looks like this technology might catch on.

Take a look at the video to see many ways to use this technology right out of the box.

Additional information from InfoWorld:

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