It’s time to dump XP before it dumps you!

In less than a month,  Microsoft will finally, officially and permanently drop all extended support and security updates for Windows XP. When XP reaches its end of life in April 2014, it will have been officially supported for more than 12 years. It’s been the faithful backbone of many dental offices’ practice software and it deserves retirement.

If you don’t think that cyber-criminals have marked April 8th, 2014 on their calendars with a big star, you’re crazy. There are still over 500,000 XP users in the world and once the Microsoft patching process ends, systems with XP installed will be fair game.

The bulk of the remaining XP users are businesses with mission-critical applications that are not readily upgradeable to Windows 8 – many are healthcare providers, dentists and chiropractors who run older versions of practice management software. Unfortunately – this end of life process directly affects HIPAA compliance for practices running their business on a non-supported operating system.

Although many businesses have been getting rid of Windows XP for at least the last 3 years, there are still many security concerns surrounding continued use.

  1. Tons Of Viruses. There is a huge library of viruses aimed at Windows XP and limited antivirus support still available.
  2. Support Is Ending. All support of XP will end on April 9, 2014.  It’s time to replace your systems now while you can plan ahead.
  3. XP Is OLD (13 years old!). The 1st iPod was released the same year as Windows XP. In a world where the 5th iPhone has just been released, no one should be using an O/S that pre-dates the 1st iPod!
  4. Malware Is Everywhere. You can continue to use XP, but with more malware than ever. XP is by far the most vulnerable platform to connect to the internet.
  5. No More Band-Aids. Only so many bandaid fixes on top of each other can be effective.
  6. Built For A Simpler Time.  XP was created for a simpler world of technology. It was formatted to fit to a screen only 640 pixels wide, and it showcased IE6 as a new product. The internet was a different place when XP was developed. Smartphones were non-existent, laptops were a luxury and tablet computers were a thing of science fiction.
  7. Windows XP is the least Secure Operating System (By Far!). ALL other platforms, including Linux, all versions of Mac OS X, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are more secure than XP by a huge margin.

In short, when April 2014 rolls around, most of those who are still running Windows XP are doing it either in full knowledge of the consequences or in absolute disregard for the risks. There’s no middle ground.

If you’d like to discuss migrating from Windows XP or for information on leasing new equipment, give us a call at 781-826-9665.

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