And The Winner Is…

Steve from Hoadley & Sons PlumbingSteve won $100 CASH when we pulled his name in our drawing. Steve sent us a photo of HIS Elf working around the officeSteve says "He's just been such a hard worker lately he'd found a place under my desk lamp to soak up some heat."Your ACTSmart Elf at work:Elf monitoring computer at Healy Physical Therapy




Other Elves at Work: 

Elf monitoring a computer at Healy Physical Therapy

Elf with friend - another new employee at Wildlands Trust

Elf welcoming guests - Wildlands Trust


Elf helping Shayla answer phones at Nelco Products

Elf enjoying life at Nelco Products


Elf spreading joy around the office at AD Makepeace


Bob Simmons of AD Makepeace says; "I have named him Devin and taped him to my CPU. Then, I stole two more, named them Debbie and Steven and taped them to the servers. I haven't had a break-down since! "

Elf takes a break after cleaning Ellis' office at AD Makepeace


Elf hanging out with Kathy at Cluett Insurance


Our ACTSmart Elf at work in our office:

Happy Holidays! 
Please keep your ACTSmart Office Elf busy!

  • Use Elf as your “Secret Santa” and put a little treat on someone’s desk
  • Elf is happy to do a job that someone else usually does like fill the coffee maker
  • Elf is happy to surprise the whole office – bringing donuts or cookies when least expected
  • Elf can deliver notes like “Great job today! Thank you!”  or “Our office is the BEST place to work because of you!”
  • Elf also likes to play harmless tricks so, if you’re looking for your stapler…


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