Getting A New Computer For Christmas?

SO…… what’s with all the “stuff” already installed?????

There’s nothing quite like unboxing a new computer. The anticipation of a speedy new processor, a fresh and clean Windows installation and a big roomy hard drive!

But, the reality is – the last time I got a new computer, there were more than a dozen shortcuts on the desktop. They were all for trial programs and services that I didn’t want or ever plan to use.

There was so much to do to get the computer ready for use. I had to install all my everyday software and move my data to the new system. Then I had to configure my security options, paswords and so forth. I didn’t have time to remove all the junk installed by the manufacturer. So what did I do? I used PC Decrapifier.

This free program removes many common trial programs and offers. You’ll be amazed at the list of the stuff it removes! It got rid of the junk quickly and easily.

PC Decrapifier won’t take care of everything, but it is a great place to start. The newest version, v2.0.0, was just released a few months and it’s now a faster and more stable application than the previous version.
For the “rest” of the stuff there’s – Easy Uninstaller

Easy uninstaller is a fast, advanced, powerful, and easy to use replacement for the slow, and user unfriendly windows Add/Remove control panel applet.

Apart from providing you with a view advantage over default windows Add/Remove applet, it displays the additional information with clickable URLs (if available). In addition, it allows you to perform multiple uninstalls in a row – just check all the software that you want to remove and the program will automatically launch the next uninstaller after the previous has finished. This really comes in handy if you’re the type that downloads a lot of software from the Internet or install programs from those monthly CD’s that come with PC magazines. These actions leave you with a lot of unneeded software that you tried out and now want to clean up.

Easy Uninstaller also offers an option to backup your uninstall list, and to remove items from the list, if they are corrupt.

The programs main features:

(1). 5-10 times faster than windows Add/Remove Programs applet
(2). Provides function like Uninstall list Backup Manager and Obsolete key deletion.
(3). Displays detailed information of the application.
(4). Has a very pleasant, easy to use user-interface.
(5). Select many applications and uninstall them in one go (One after another), very handy for cleaning your computer from unwanted applications.

Now that all the “crap” is cleaned up – have fun with that brand new PC. Happy Holidays!

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