GO Computer – technology for the senior set!

You see them everywhere – technology devices developed for the “senior set” in a form that enables our elder family members to utilize today’s technology. Everything from easy to use cell phones featuring oversized buttons and screens to those gigantic remote controls with back lights for controlling your TV.

Now there’s an easy to use computer designed specifically for today’s seniors and aging baby boomers. It’s called the Go Computer www.thegocomputer.com complete with a 19” LCD monitor, an oversized keyboard featuring large, easy to see, colorful keys and an easy to use trackball that replaces the customary mouse.

Everything about this computer is easy.  There’s a large “GO” button that appears at the top of the screen, and a simple click transports the user to a variety of sites and applications, including a number that are especially useful to the older user such as Web sites for news or medical information, as well as games and other entertaining and brain-stimulating resources. 

If a user gets confused while navigating around the system, there are green directional aids along the way, and the “GO” button is always the safe harbor—easily re-accessible so that a user need not experience the sensation of being hopelessly lost that sometimes comes, for all generations, with traditional computers.

The problems of maintenance, spam, viruses and lost work—other familiar plagues of the computer age—have been resolved by having safety, storage and repair issues handled remotely at MyGait, which monitors these computers 24/7. The user never has to worry about keeping the computer in tip-top condition because that is all handled at the remote site, as are any threats to security or safety.

 The Go Computer is priced in line with today’s basic PC @ $879.00 and for an additional $19.95 a month, their extended service plan includes:

Unlimited U.S.-based customer service for any questions you may have available Monday – Friday 7:00am – 7:00pm

Help at the touch of a button, online or over the phone

No fuss replacement for hardware issues – send it back, and they’ll replace it and have you ready to GO

Worry free updates for the GO computer interface
– Introducing new features
– Improving existing features
– Maintaining up to the minute security protection

With the holidays fast approaching, this might be the perfect gift for the Grandparents, enabling them to easily access the internet, email and a host of online resources. It might also get YOU off the “computer support” call list.

Here’s a link to a newscast video: http://www.kfor.com/videobeta/watch/?watch=69c008e1-9187-4beb-ae57-3992813bf291&src=front

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