Has Spyware Finally Met Its Match?

If you use a computer that’s connected to the internet, you probably know just how annoying spyware can be. Not only does it slow down your computer and interrupt you with annoying popups, it can also transmit your private data to hackers and identity thief’s.

Over the years, we’ve tried and tested 100’s of programs in our efforts to rid systems of these computer parasites and it’s not often I recommend a particular program but SUPERAntiSpyware is proving to be worthy of a shout out.

Most of the other programs we’ve used have proven to be ineffective, troublesome and found to only remove the most obvious and easy to remove spyware. Others are even worse and may actually be spyware themselves!

However, SUPERAntiSpyware is different from the other spyware removal software in that it manages to remove not only the most obvious or easy to remove spyware but also just about any spyware infection we’ve encountered. Spyware technology keeps changing on a daily basis and hence most spyware programs become ineffective a few months after you buy them. However, SUPERAntiSpyware features special diagnostic filters which help it to detect these modified forms of spyware and remove them completely

SUPERAntiSpyware offers a number of special features which give it an edge over other spyware removal tools. These features include scanning of all memory elements on your computer including removable drives and disks as well as the ability to repair broken internet connections, desktops, registry editing and more with its unique repair system.

SUPERAntiSpyware will remove all the spyware, not just the easy ones. Quick, complete and custom scanning of hard drives, removable drives, memory, registry, individual folders and more which includes trusting items, and excluding folders for complete customization of scanning.

This application detects and removes spyware, adware, malware, Trojans, dialers, worms, key loggers, hijackers, parasites, root kits and many other types of threats. It is light on system resources and won’t slow down your computer or conflict with your existing anti-spyware or anti-virus solution like many other anti-spyware products.

The paid professional version (only $29.95) offers real-time protection and blocking of threats, prevents potentially harmful software from installing or re-installing and scheduling quick, complete or custom scans daily or weekly to remove spyware automatically and ensure your computer is free from harmful software. There’s even a portable version you can carry with you and run from a CD or USB thumb drive.

You can download the FREE or Paid Professional Version here:

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