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Many of us scoff at the thought of internet connected Refrigerators and other “IoT” kitchen appliances but it looks like we’ll be seeing them sooner that we think

Consider the following: Refrigerators that shop for you. Samsung wants your fridge to be more than just mere cold storage. Samsung’s Family Hub (at a paltry $4,788 at BestBuy so watch for advertised sales) aims to make it easier to order groceries. The Family Hub can order from a grocery store through the Groceries by Mastercard app. https://news.samsung.com/global/samsung-electronics-unveils-family-hub-2-0-and-smart-built-in-appliances-at-ces-2017

But you don’t need to buy an Internet connected fridge to get some of the benefits of a smart appliance. The Smarter FridgeCam (currently available for pre-order at $99.99) is a wireless camera that allows you to see the contents of your fridge and track expiration dates from a smart phone app. https://smarter.am/fridgecam/

Or, how about a “Magic” button for ordering groceries? Amazon wants to make replenishing family staple items as simple as pressing a button. Amazon’s DASH button might be the answer. You can reorder specific items that are available via Amazon’s Prime service with one button press. This service is exclusively available to PRIME members at this time. The option intrigued me so I logged into my Amazon Prime account and was very surprised to see just how many Buttons I had.

Most every food type item I’ve ever ordered as well as many other items I’ve ordered and re-ordered had a button assigned to them. All I had to do was enable 1-click ordering and simply click the desired button. Can’t get much easier than that…

Finally – many people are put off by all this technology so, if you like the old fashioned way of doing things, check out this Amazon.com item. It’s a 2 pack (100 sheets per pack) of pre-printed paper shopping lists that magnetically sticks to your fridge… cheap and effective – now where did I leave my pen? J


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