Internet Explorer 9 beta is here

The question is – should you care?

Windows Internet Explorer 9 browser takes full advantage of the power of your PC to deliver a rich Web experience with fast performance and enables people with websites and Web applications that have the same kind of rich functionality as software installed on their computers. A robust set of built-in security, reliability, and privacy technologies makes browsing safer than ever.

Here’s a few of its new features.

Cleaner interface – less clutter is always a good thing and they made the BACK button bigger!

Notification Bar – now appears at the bottom of the browser window and will not interrupt your browsing by forcing you to close the notification window before proceeding.

One Box – now the search function and the address bar are combined – perform searches or type in a website address to navigate directly to your destination.

Pinned Sites – if you have websites you visit regularly, you can “pin” them to your taskbar for quick access without having to open your browser.

Download Manager with SmartScreen Filter Integration. IE9 provides the first download manager with integrated SmartScreen malware protection and introduces SmartScreen download reputation.

 Hang Recovery – New in Internet Explorer 9, this feature isolates the impact of a hung tab to the individual tab, so that your other tabs and the overall browser continue to operate.

 WARNING: If your still using Windows XP you’re out of luck. IE9 is only for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and above.

 See IE9 in action including a product tour and some examples of partner sites built using the browser’s new capabilities.

Here’s a link to the Internet Explorer Tech Center with some test drive capability, complete product guides as well as the beta download link.

 Remember – NEVER, NEVER, NEVER install beta software on a production computer. You should only install beta versions on test machines that you don’t care about the possibility of corrupting the system and having to re-install everything.

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