Why Should I lease? Benefits of Leasing:

Leasing offers fixed regular payments and provides financing for 100% of the equipment cost. This allows businesses to pay for equipment as it is used to generate income. It conserves both working capital and lines of bank credit and may offer certain tax advantages.

Cash flow:

By making monthly payments, businesses can pay for the equipment with the improved cash flow that is generated from their new equipment. Lease so you can budget expenses, on a project, seasonally, or because you are growing your business.

Obsolescence protection:

Leasing allows you to match payment plans to the equipment’s expected useful life. Leasing provides flexibility at the end of the term to allow you to either take ownership of the equipment or walk away and acquire new equipment. The result is a managed solution that allows business to maintain the most current technology.

Tax treatment and benefits:

You may be able to write off 100% of your lease payments from your corporate income because the IRS generally does not consider an operating lease to be a purchase. Please consult your accountant for the exact application for your business.

100% Financing:

Leasing typically does not require a large down payment. You can finance up to 100% of the equipment cost. In many cases, service, supplies, installation, warranty and other soft costs can be included in the lease. This gives you more money to invest in other revenue-generating activities and makes it easier to afford multiple products or just save it for times when you need cash most.

Speedy approval:

In most cases, an established business can be approved for up to $175,000 in equipment lease financing with a one page credit application. Approval can usually be secured in less than 24 hours!

Conserve Cash and Bank Lines:

Preserve your cash and bank line by using equipment leasing as an alternative form of financing, specifically for capital equipment. Use this financing option to maximize liquidity and access to capital by preserving cash and bank lines for other business needs.

Who Does Your Leasing?

All leasing options are handled through our leasing partner, Great America Leasing Corporation.

How does Leasing Work?

1. Request a quote for the products you intend to lease.

2. Complete the simple Lease Application.

3. Credit approval is typically completed within 24 hours.

4. Upon approval, a purchase order is issued to order and schedule delivery of the equipment to your business

5. Upon verification of delivery/installation, the leasing company pays us for the equipment being leased to your business.

How do I request an estimate?

Just call me at 781-826-9665 Ext 201

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