MediaFire – FREE file and image hosting.

April 1st , 2008
Why use MediaFire?

MediaFire is the simplest way to host files and images and share them with others.

MediaFire is a free and unlimited file and image hosting web site with no strings attached. Our goal is to help make the internet a more interesting and media rich place by provide the fastest and most simple to use tool for sharing all kinds of files in almost any way imaginable. Registration is completely optional and every feature of the service is available to you whether you choose to create an account or not. If you choose to, creating an account is easy and free, allowing you to quick and secure access to your saved files from any computer.

Organize Your Files and Images

Create folders, instantly sort, search, move and browse your uploaded files with a fast Ajax powered file system.

Creating folders on MediaFire is easy! You can create an unlimited number of folders and sub folders to store, organize and share your files and images. MediaFire also provides easy to use privacy tools allowing you to keep some files hidden as private and other files downloadable as public. You can even set passwords for your sensitive files allowing you a flexible and adaptable free file hosting system.

Uploading your files couldn’t be easier – choose up to 10 files at a time using their simple point and click interface and you’re off and running.

Share Your Files and Images

Easily share large files and images by Email, Instant Messenger, and on your web site or MySpace page.

With MediaFire’s easy to use sharing tools and embedding links you can share entire folders of files and images by email, instant messenger, or on your MySpace page, blog or forum. Folders also double as image galleries so sharing all your vacation photos or graphic design work in one place just got a whole lot simpler.

MediaFire currently has a file size limit of 100MB because bandwidth for serving downloads is the most expensive part of running a file hosting service. For example, 200MB files are 2x more expensive to serve to downloaders as 100MB files, 1GB files are 10x more expensive to serve than 100MB files, etc.

By limiting the maximum file size to 100MB, MediaFire can offer features that no other single file hosting service offers for free:

Unlimited disk space
Unlimited bandwidth to serve any files under 100MB
Unlimited downloads of any files under 100MB
Unlimited uploads
No waits, lines, or queues to download files
No daily download limits
No download speed limits
Support for most popular download managers/accelerators
Multiple simultaneous downloads

In Q2 of 2008, MediaFire will be launching a subscription based service that will let you upload much larger files and provide a Flash uploader with additional bells and whistles. Yes – this will be a paid for service. The FREE accounts will be maintained and continue to be advertising supported.

MediaFire was rated one of the Top 100 Undiscoverd WebSites by PC Magazine. To learn more about MediaFire from their FAQ’s :

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