Microsoft reveals upcoming Windows 10 features

Microsoft has published a Windows 10 roadmap for Business and Enterprise customers that reveals upcoming features of the operating system as well as a planned release month for the operating system’s Anniversary Update. Microsoft plans to release the Anniversary Update in July 2016.

While things may change depending on how development progresses, it is very likely that Microsoft will push out the free Anniversary Update to all Windows 10 devices around July 2016.

Upcoming Windows 10 Features

The list of features is probably what’s most interesting from a user’s and administrator’s point of view. While many are designed for Business or Enterprise use, some are available in all editions of the operating system.

Microsoft divides the feature listing into the categories “recently available”, “in public preview”, “in development” and canceled. The “recently available” and “canceled” categories are mysteriously empty from the official roadmap.

In Public Preview

These features are already part of Windows Insider builds or other preview builds of the operating system

Enterprise Data Protection: Designed to help prevent Enterprise data leaks, even on employee-devices. The feature ships with three protective modes: block, which analyzes activity and blocks employees from completing actions that would lead to inappropriate data sharing, override, which warning employees only, and silent, which logs but does not block or warn.
Multifactor authentication for apps and websites: Use Windows Hello or Microsoft Passport to authenticate to an application or website.
Microsoft Edge – Extensions: Extensions support for Microsoft Edge.
Microsoft Edge – Pinning Tabs: Options to pin tabs in the Microsoft web browser.

In Development

These features are currently in development and not available for public preview at this point in time.
Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection: A new service to help Enterprises respond to “advanced attacks” on their networks.
Enhancements to Microsoft Passport: Unclear at this point how these enhancements will look like.
Use your phone to unlock your Windows PC: Use a Windows or Android phone to unlock Windows 10 PCs, and authenticate with apps and services uses Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport.
Use Companion Device to unlock your Windows PC: Use devices like the Microsoft Band 2 for Microsoft Passport basic authentication. Can also become a second authentication factor to unlock Windows 10 PCs.
Touch screen support: Support for touch input when a phone that is compatible with Continuum is connected to a device connected to a touch monitor.
Laptop-like accessory support: Support for a new accessory that looks like a laptop but does not ship with CPU or operating system. Designed for use with Continuum-compatible phones to use the phone with a laptop-like experience.
Projecting on PCs: Continuum-supporting phones can not only be connected to standalone monitors or screens, but also to Windows 10 PCs.
Microsoft Edge – Web Notifications: Adds support for Web Notifications to Microsoft Edge.
PC to PC casting: Cast from one PC to another.
Windows Ink: New and improved support for pen and touch-enabled devices.
Cortana and Action Center Integration: Moves proactive Cortana notifications to the Action Center.
Remote Display Experience: Windows 10 IoT feature that provides you with options to connect devices without displays remotely to devices with displays.
Start Menu updates: Improvements to the start menu that make it easier to access all apps, and improve touch input support.
Picture in Picture: Windows Apps will get a new picture in picture mode.

Why this matters

Software makers tend not to talk about features that they’re still developing and could end up cancelling, but with Windows 10, Microsoft has tried to be more transparent and open to feedback.
Providing a glimpse at far-out features could help businesses plan their updates, and could also help Microsoft prioritize which of those features should come first.

What features would you like added to Windows 10?


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