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I’m always looking for ways to make my connected life easier and this little program does the trick. On a daily basis I use a Windows 7 PC, a MAC Book pro, an iPad and an iPhone to get done what needs to be done. One of my major problems has always been managing my passwords across all these different devices.

I also “practice what I preach” and wanting to keep my personal information safe and secure, I never use the same password for multiple websites or accounts. As you can well imagine, this can become an absolute management nightmare.

Not any more though. After testing many different solutions that were touted to work on both PC’s and Apple OS devices, with very little success mind you, I believe I’ve found the best of both worlds.

Not only does LastPass work on all my devices but the data is securely stored in the cloud and available instantly from whichever device I care to use. I have one master password to remember and I can access all my individual passwords from anywhere just by logging into my account.

LastPass is a FREE online password manager and Form Filler although to be fully functional and work across many different platforms you’ll need to upgrade to the Premium “paid version” (a paltry $1 per month).

The FREE version includes, one master password, automatic form filling, one click login, synchronize across browsers and computers, store secure notes, share info with friends and in many cases you can import your data from other password managers, secure password generator, access your data from a USB key, Google authenticator support, and so much more.

The Premium version gives you access from your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Android, Firefox mobile, Symbian S60, WebOS, as well as multifactor authentication via USB thumb drives and YubiKey. For a buck a month, how can you go wrong?

There’s also an Enterprise version providing all the bells and whistles mentioned above PLUS centralized deployment, shared password repositories, enforcement of security standards with policies, reporting, auditing and compliance.

Take a look here for additional information and download the free version for testing. This is one terrific application from which I’ll never look back.

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