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penny-backup-logoAre you concerned about Ransomware and the very real possibility of forever losing your important files and photos? Do you have a safe, secure and always up to date offsite backup for all your desktops and laptops? That level of data backup has been historically out of reach to users at a price that’s affordable – until now!

Say HELLO to PennyBackup. The name in fact reflects their pricing model and their backend service is built on time tested, enterprise level solutions. Even better, PennyBackup safeguards your data with 50GB of FREE backup storage which includes enterprise level security and encryption.

Secure, Reliable, Remote Data Backup at a fractional of the cost. No other backup service focuses their attention on every facet of data backup: security, reliability and fast data restoration…

Unlimited laptops & PCs. They don’t charge per device– so all your desktops, workstations and laptops can be protected.

Security and reliability always come first. We use best-in-class, enterprise-level software and hardware, with AES-256 Encryption. We are also HIPAA and HiTech Certified.

Super fast backups and restores. Unlike other providers, we provide RTO & RPO analytics on how quickly you can recover your data.

How is PennyBackup different than the competition?

  • PennyBackup is HIPAA and HiTech Act and FIPS Certified + SOC Audited. The highest levels of third-party oversight.
  • They have superior customer service. They’ll help guide your installation and setup — talk to a real, live person at no extra charge.
  • PennyBackup gives you weekly analytical reports on your backup status to predict your recovery time from loss of data. Data recovery is fast, regardless of your data connection.
  • Your data is protected by Asigra – a leading data and backup recovery solution that has been on the front lines in the battle against data theft for over a quarter of a century.
  • PennyBackup starts where it left off. Internet connection lost? Computer powered down before the backup was completed? No worries. PennyBackup will start right where it left off at saving you valuable downtime and frustration.

Compare PennyBackup with the other guys!

Get your FREE account here:


Need MORE offsite storage? With PennyBackup you start with 50GB of free storage, plus premium, LIVE support to help with installation and setup! Need more space? Additional storage costs just $0.05/mo per 1GB. At that cost, another 50GB of storage would cost you a whopping $2.50 per month. It would be very difficult to beat these costs – I recommend you give it a try and test it out.

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