Protecting Your Kids With Family Safety

With school now out for the summer, it’s time to check in on the kids and their unbridled internet access. As parents, we all want the kids to get outside to play – fresh air and exercise, that’s the ticket.  

But when the weather’s not good, what do they do? They head right for the family computer. Keeping your kids safe online can be complicated, but Windows Live Family Safety helps make it easier for you.

Family Safety provides a website and a free program that parents install on the computers your kids use, so you can give them some independence but still keep tabs on their computer activities. Family Safety can also help keep your kids off websites you don’t want them looking at, and only let them talk to the people you’re okay with them talking to.

How Family Safety works
Just like on a sports team, the different players in Family Safety and Windows make up a team that works together. The players are:

  • The Family Safety Filter. Software you install and set up on each computer your kids use. It monitors your kids using safety settings you select.
  • The Family Safety website. Where you choose and manage all the settings for each family member and view their activity reports. You can create settings on the website once and then they’ll apply to every computer you’ve installed the Family Safety Filter on.
  • Windows Parental Controls. A feature in Windows that’s turned on when you use Family Safety. You can use Windows Parental Controls to set up more safety settings for your kids’ computers. For more information on setting up Windows Parental Controls and Family Safety, watch the video about using Parental Controls.

 Family Safety is absolutely free and very easy to install and configure. All you need is a Windows Live ID. If you don’t already have one, click here.

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