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Never Renew Your Antivirus Again

I know – I’m always harping on you to keep your Antivirus program up-to-date so what’s that headline all about? Just a way for you to save some money AND keep your home PC’s fully protected and virus free.

Vipre PC Lifetime License
Vipre and Vipre Premium are now available with PC lifetime licenses. This means you won’t be nagged when your subscription is nearing its end, and you’ll never have to pay recurring renewal fees.

PC Lifetime Licenses are good for the life of your PC; you can also get an unlimited home license that will cover up to 10 PC’s in your home for the lifetime of your PC’s.

How about the cost:
This may surprise you. A Vipre standard lifetime license is only $89 and Vipre Premium only $109.95. That’s an amazing deal for a lifetime of Antivirus protection and updates.

Vipre Lifetime Antivirus FAQ’s

Q. What does “PC Lifetime” mean?
Lifetime means for the lifetime of one PC. In other words, for as long as you have that PC, you will be covered by the Lifetime PC License. If you sell or give away that PC, the license is non-transferable.

Q. What if my computer crashes?
If your computer crashes and you have to reformat your hard drive, that’s fine and you’re completely covered. However, if you rebuild the computer with new components (in effect, creating a new computer), the license is invalid. However, because motherboards and other major components do malfunction, we do provide you a one-time reinstall of the Software in the event you make a major system change.

Keep in mind that you can install and reinstall the VIPRE Lifetime license as many times as you like, on the original computer. For example, some people like to routinely re-format their hard drive so as to optimize performance. That’s completely fine.

Q. I’m still confused. Can you explain in more detail?
The concept is simple: A person buys a computer and holds on to it for a period of time. After several years, one would typically buy a new computer, and either a) sell their old one, b) relegate it to some back attic or a dark closet, c) give to someone else, or d) throw it out/recycle it. As long as you own that PC, you’ll be covered by the Lifetime license and never have to pay for an update for that copy Lifetime copy of VIPRE. If you sell it, throw it out, give it to someone else, the license is no longer valid.

Q. What is the specific legal language in the End User License Agreement (EULA) that covers this license?

The Lifetime license is in all current VIPRE home licenses. It reads as follows:

PC Lifetime Service Policy
If your purchase includes GFI’s PC Lifetime Service Policy (“Lifetime Service”), GFI agrees to provide you with related Content Updates (defined below) for the Software for download at no extra charge for as long as you own the original computer upon which you originally installed the agent or client Software (“Original Computer”); however, if your original computer is damaged, or if you experience a hard drive failure resulting in having to rebuild or restore the original computer, GFI agrees to provide a one-time reinstall of the Software so as to continue the Lifetime Service.

Lifetime Service Restrictions
LIFETIME SERVICE IS SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING RESTRICTIONS AND LIMITATIONS: in addition to the terms of this License: (a) Lifetime Service is not transferable to a new (or used) or different computer if, for any reason, you purchase a new computer; however, you may purchase from GFI an additional copy of the Software, or the equivalent product available at that time, for a fee; and (b) Lifetime Service is not transferable to another user if your Original Computer is sold or transferred to another user, if components are rebuilt into a new computer, or if the Software is transferred as maybe otherwise provided herein.

If you’d like a full copy of the EULA, you can request one from GFI and they’ll be happy to send one out. Or, you can view the EULA when you install VIPRE, in which case you will have the option of agreeing to it and continuing with the installation, or not agreeing to it and stopping the installation.

If you’re ready to buy, click the link:

If you’re already a VIPRE subscriber? Upgrade your copy with the PC Lifetime Upgrade here:
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