PROBLEM: If something happened to your server and all the critical data it holds, you could literally be “OUT OF BUSINESS”

SOLUTION: ACTSmart Data GuardianComplete backup, disaster recovery and business continuity!

Lost your backup, can’t happen to you?
Watch this video, then go to the
mirror and repeat three times,
my back up is good…my backup is good… my backup is good…

If it can happen to a giant of Silicon Valley, it could happen to you!

Think it can’t? Watch the TRUE STORY of PIXAR – ToyStory 2:

If you don’t happen to have someone with your company’s critical data backed up on their computer at home, fill out the form below…


Data Guardian is a network attached storage device that backs up your server  locally and off site, if desired. “Snapshots” are taken every 15 minutes to minimize potential data loss

  • Back in business within 20 minutes
  • With off site backup, a new server can be delivered next day to location of your choice.  System is imaged from the last offsite backup
  • Able to restore to dis-similar hardware (new computer doesn’t have to match the old computer) Restore individual files, folders or individual emails

Data Security Assessment


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