ACTSmart’s newest layer of protection – OpenDNS!

You’ve heard about the destructive, hostage taking malware called “Crypto” – you may even know someone who has fallen victim to it! Well, we’ve just added another level of security to our managed clients’ networks and computers’ defenses!

OpenDNS is ACTSmart’s newest layer of protection using web filtering. It is a cutting-edge, cloud-delivered network security service that proactively protects users from advanced malware, botnets and phishing attacks. OpenDNS is able to predict and prevent attacks. It protects all devices managed by ACTSmart, users on- and off-network. And because it is delivered via the cloud, it is lightning-fast.

OpenDNS does several things that other security solutions do not.

  • First, it proactively blocks “suspect” websites from users’ visits. Websites commonly infected with all sorts of malicious and hostile malware like pornography, gambling and other non-work related sites are blocked.
  • In the event of a breach, the damage is reduced when the malware can’t communicate back to the host computer to release malicious content.
  • OpenDNS doesn’t wait until after an attack, malware launch or infected system to learn how to defend against attacks. By continuously analyzing a cross section of the world’s internet activity, it can predict where attacks are staged even before they are launched, keeping you pro-actively protected.

Lawrence Pingree of Gartner, Inc, a leading information technology research and advisory company wrote:

“The reality is that no one security technology is enough. Hackers are always working to defeat the latest defense. So you have to invest in defenses for the latest threat as well as every threat experienced in the past.”

This is why your ACTSmart Team continually researches and analyzes security defenses in the ever evolving threat environment. We are dedicated to keeping you and your business safe!


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