The Sky Is Falling

Microsoft’s SkyDrive won’t be around much longer – at least not by that name. Microsoft has decided to ditch the SkyDrive name after a court dispute has been settled deciding that the use of the SkyDrive name was infringing on a trademark owned by British Sky Broadcasting Groups Sky.

Rather than continue battling in the courts, Microsoft has decided to re-brand SkyDrive, its cloud-based storage service, to OneDrive.

When asked why OneDrive, Microsoft put a positive spin on the name change with the following statement: “We know that increasingly people will have many devices in their lives and really want only one place to store their most important stuff – One place for all their photos and videos – One place for all of their important documents – One place that is seamlessly connected across all the devices they use. OneDrive for everything in your life”!

If you already had a SkyDrive or SkyDrive Pro account, nothing is going to change, you’ll just see a new name when you sign in. If you setup a new account, Microsoft will give you 7GB of free storage space when you sign up and add another 3GB free if you opt to use the service’s camera backup feature. If you need more storage space you can add on an extra 50GB for $25 a year, 100GB for $50 a year, and 200GB for $100 a year.

There’s nothing exciting about OneDrive to make it stand out in the crowded arena of online storage providers like DropBox, Google Drive or Box. If you want to make a comparison before jumping on the bandwagon, take a look at this article and review on CNET – which online storage service is right for you?

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