1. Back up your data!
Backing up important files and data seems like such an obvious step, but surveys continue to show that less than 10 per cent of us do it on a regular basis. But with cloud storage and automatic syncing between devices, there is less excuse than ever for shirking this basic routine. Don’t be one of those unfortunate businesses that wait until a hard drive crashes and you are out of business.  Back up your data today!

2. ALWAYS use SECURE passwords!
We’ve seen at least 3 clients whose password was breached and they were hacked.  It’s embarrassing if all your email list gets solicited to buy Viagra—from YOU!  It’s worse when it compromises and brings down your website!  A secure password is at least 8 characters—upper AND lower case letters, at least 1 number and at least 1 symbol.  We like to take a familiar word and change out the letters for numbers and/or symbols.  A BAD Example is: P@ssw0rd. Try using the password generator like the one at http:// for secure passwords

3. Seek continuing education:
Go to an industry conference, a Chamber seminar or use online web seminars to enhance your business skills.  If  learning more about  Microsoft Word, PhotoShop or Facebook would help your business, you can find a full range of hundreds of subjects on  It’s inexpensive and the videos are easy to follow.  Get more education!

4. Put a DESCRIPTIVE subject in all email subject lines.
If you regularly converse with someone by email or even if you never do—a good subject line gets your email opened and saves time when the reader is looking for past emails to review.  It’s polite and effective.

5. Check BEFORE you forward that email:
Unclog the internet by not forwarding that email that your brother-in-law sent promising FREE Dinner at the Olive Garden for forwarding this email…  They are SPAM and a big time waster!

6. Update your website monthly:
It will attract more visitors because an updated website 1. gets looked at by the search engines and is much more appealing to humans, too.

7. Only download apps from reputable sources:
In his post, Is your smartphone doing dirty work for criminal gangs?, (  Lee Mathews explained that, “… as many as 20,000 Android devices were actively communicating with servers known to be connected to cybercrime activities. Through the installation of Trojanized Android apps, those devices had become zombies and were now active participants in a mobile botnet.” So, make it a point to only get apps from reputable sources. And while you’re at it, read these tips on how to secure your internet-connected gadgets. (  Thanks to blog post by Rhonda Callow for this tip!

8. Keep your computer’s critical security patches and virus definitions up to date:
If you keep putting off  your updates, you may be setting yourself up for BIG troubles.  Make it a habit to check every Friday before leaving for the weekend  – make it a habit like cleaning your desk.  Or, call us 1. for our ProWatch services—we remotely take care of all virus definition updating and Microsoft “patches” overnight so you never have to worry about it!

9. Embrace Social Media:
Over half of all Facebook users check in daily.  Think of all the free impressions you are missing. Also, LinkedIn is a “Must Join” network of business professionals.  It adds to your credibility and can get you hired.

10. Recycle your old electronics rather then simply discard them.
With decommissioned cell phones, old printers, and discarded desk top computers, your house or office can quickly start to look like a digital junk yard. Do the right thing and recycle your electronics – you will feel so much better when you do! (Start with those unwanted cell phones. Take advantage of the Verizon Wireless Trade-In Program or support their HopeLine.
For all your used and decommissioned computer equipment go to Recycle Computers 4 Cancer.

You’ll be helping both our environment and the Cancer Society (Scientific & Medical Coalition Against Cancer). You can drop off the old equipment locally or call to schedule a free pickup AND get a tax deduction as well.


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