Use Your Face To Log Into Your Computer And Websites

Are you tired of creating and then trying to remember all your different passwords – never mind having to type them in each time you log into your iPhone, iPad, iOS or Windows based system?


Well, it looks like a company called SensibleVision may have the answer for all of us.


FastAccess Anywhere is your mobile device’s new best friend. Now you can finally use the most powerful sites and apps that have sensitive data—like banking, bill payment, and private email—by securely logging in with your face.*


So, say goodbye to the hassle of remembering and typing all your passwords on that tiny mobile keyboard. Or putting in a PIN or password just to check the weather or make a phone call.


Whether you use iOS or Android phones or tablets, or Windows desktops and laptops, FastAccess Anywhere has you covered. Protect the apps YOU want and instantly input usernames and passwords with your face. 


And, unlike other “novelty” face recognition products that allow access with photos or videos of your face, FastAccess Anywhere has enterprise-level security so you don’t have to worry. It’s fast, safe, and fun!


Sync Passwords Across Devices…iOS, Android, & Windows!

FastAccess Anywhere syncs across phones, tablets, and even your Windows machines. Store passwords on any Android, iOS (Apple), or Windows device and automatically have them available on all of your other devices. Change a password and it updates everywhere!


Because security comes first with FastAccess Anywhere, all passwords are stored securely in the cloud, never permanently on your mobile devices. So, if your phone is ever lost or damaged, your passwords aren’t. That means someone who finds your lost device won’t have access to your credentials. 


Proven Technology for People On-the-Go

Five MILLION users already love FastAccess facial recognition on Windows. Combining our patent-pending, class-leading facial recognition with an optional gesture or shape of your choice, FastAccess Anywhere uses proven technology for storing and retrieving your sensitive passwords on your mobile devices. Not even photos or videos can fool it.


By using your face with a second factor, the accuracy of the two technologies are multiplied to give you piece of mind. In addition, gesture “smudge attacks” are reduced because FastAccess Anywhere moves the gesture area around on the screen.

Up and Running in No Time


Our easy setup wizard will guide you through everything in just a few steps:

  • Create a Cloud Account
  • Teach FastAccess Anywhere your face
  • Create a Gesture

You’ll be using your face to access sites & apps in minutes!

Try FastAccess Pro for FREE – get the free download at:


The software is currently available for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. FastAccess Anywhere for Mobile devices will be available in February.  Watch as the company shakes up this month’s CES show with its pending release.

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