Windows 7 themed restaurant serving 64-bit meals?

Just when I thought I’d seen pretty much everything weird and PC related – Microsoft manages to whack me upside the head.

A few short months ago, back during all the Windows 7 launch parties, I thought that the Windows 7 Whopper would probably be the last food item ever associated with an operating system. Well I was wrong and now, quite literally, eating my words.

As today’s story goes, Microsoft Taiwan has opened a Windows 7 themed restaurant called Hot Fried 77 in Taiwan. For the next 2 months. Microsoft is taking over “100 Seafood” – a Taiwanese seafood restaurant and offering tons of “Windows-7 centric meals” for NTD $77 (around $3 in US money) I have no idea what stir-fry has to do with Microsoft’s new operating system but I understand it all goes very well with Windows 7 beer (brewer unknown).

Judging by the number of images shown in the link below, I’m guessing that this is not a prank. There’s lots of Windows 7 banners and people who appear to be having a good time. Can you say – I’m a PC and Windows 7 was my idea? or how about “I’m a PC and this recipe for a Windows 7 layer cake was my idea!” What’s next?

Microsoft’s “Hot Fried 77” concept restaurant in Taiwan.

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