Windows XP Finally Put Out To Pasture

Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system has had one heck of a run. According to Wikipedia, XP was first released back in August 2001 – a decade ago. We’ve talked about preparing for the Windows XP End of Life cycle back in 2008. Some of you may have seen some recent blog posts about Microsoft’s plan to phase out the Windows XP operating system, and those kinds of posts are raising some of the same questions we’re hearing from our customers.

Per Microsoft guidelines regarding Windows XP, system vendors like Dell will no longer be able to ship systems with XP Professional and XP Home after October 22, 2010. This means that we are required to stop offering XP as an option for customers starting this month (September 2010) in preparation for next month’s deadline. One important thing to note is that Dell plans to continue Windows XP driver support until December 2012.

After the October 22 date, only qualified end users (read that to mean – very large customers) will still be able to get systems with Windows XP through Dell’s Custom Factory Integration service. Otherwise the small to medium sized business customers who order new machines with Windows 7 Professional or higher can run XP applications in Windows XP Mode. And here’s more from Microsoft on Windows XP Mode. Keep in mind that in order to run Windows XP mode you’ll need a newer computer with a compatible processor (VT) as well as the Windows XP Mode application and virtualization software such as Windows Virtual PC. Both applications are available for free download on the Microsoft website.

To ensure customers receive their XP orders prior to the October 22, 2010 deadline, Dell will begin removing XP as an option in September. So business owners need to make some critical decisions very quickly. The main concern is whether or not their critical business applications are currently Windows 7 certified. If your software is not Windows 7 ready and your business needs Windows XP in order to continue operating the business you could have some problems.

Now is the time to review the age and condition of your existing workstations in case you need to replace any PC’s with Windows XP installed. There is the added bonus of getting the Windows 7 license as well as the Windows XP license with replacement PC’s under the Windows XP downgrade rights program. Buy a new PC now with the operating system you need and get the license to upgrade to Windows 7 when your critical business applications are finally certified and supported.

Business owners need to take action quickly on this as the deadline is approaching fast. Call my team of system experts if you need help assessing your existing PC’s. We’ll also provide proposals for replacing your aging systems with brand new Dell PC’s or Laptops. Do it today – before XP’s time runs out.

Bottom Line: All OEM computer system builders like Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo and all the others must stop the shipment of ALL WINDOWS XP orders on October 22nd 2010.

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